• Homp Chair has an innovative joint which functions as a key lock system. The frame lock when it is open 104 degrees holding the weight of the person. This smart joint has enabled the form of the chair to be simpler and elegant.

  • A decorative accessory collection for Vista Alegre porcelain company. Concept inspired by seashell forms, and designed to match Vista Alegre’s brand identity,market needs, and manufacturing requirements.

  • A porcelain sake set of a bottle and cups which are inspired from birds in nature. Its’ form captures motherhood shown in bird’s feeding translating the bird's soft, subtle, and feminine figure.

  • Iconic mug designed for Vista Alegre. Inspired from espresso maker, Presso mug has a modern geometric design. It is designed to be stacked, used as decorative elements.


© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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