Freesia Drink Set

A set of wine bottle stoppers with a cordial glass. Bud, Blooming, Bloomed.


Designed for


Vista Allegre is a high-end brand producing luxurious porcelain products. The design prompt was to fit in Vista Alegre’s brand identity. 

Finding drink sets as an emerging consumer trend in 2019 New York Now trade show, decided to design a drink set. Purposely chosen the cordial glass as part of the set, since cordial glasses are more for dessert wines served in special occasions and have more delicate form than typical wine glasses.

Given as a set of three for its purpose as a gift, each stands for three stages of flower blossom. Freesia flower is said to symbolize innocence and friendship.

Design Process

Bloomed  W52 x H111, Blooming  W77 x H108, Bud W39 x H100 (mm)
and a cordial glass(W 55 x H124 in mm, 2.5 oz)

Technical Dimensions

Vista Alegre's production methods are considered and incorporated in the design. The Cordial glass can be blown and decorated with wheel cut, and the bottle stoppers can be produced by pouring in mold and decorated after with wheel cut.

© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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