Hungry Grub


Coin Bank for children

Personal project, 2015

It is important for children to have financial sense when they are young. Thus, teaching children to have the financial sense in a natural way is parents’ common interest.


Children usually hate to wait and lack patience. Even for me, I had cut through so many piggy-banks to buy snacks. On the other hand, children are imaginative and curious about everything. Understanding their features, we can teach them with fun rather than a discipline.


Hungry Grub is a coin bank which looks like a grub. Initially, it has a squeezed pattern being short. Parents can install it on the wall with the measuring tape aside. As the child feed up the grub with coins, the child gets a direct feedback. The grub grows taller and finally it becomes long enough to turn into a butterfly. At last, the child opens up the coin bank, he or she will take out all the coins with a small toy butterfly secretly hidden at the bottom. Then the child will feel accomplishment.


© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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