; A set of instruments that includes two tonal instrument(2 and Joy) and one percussive instrument(O).

Exhibit on Sound & Vision in Design Pavilion, NYCxDesign 2019 

Designed by Minsun Kim, Sisi Hong 

The inspiration came from a thought,  what are the possible ‘gestures’ of playing the instrument.? We focused on the gesture of the player, as we thought the gestures of the performer playing the instrument was as interesting as the sound itself. Based on this aim, we naturally dealt with ergonomics and resulted in giving creative ways to play the instrument.


Two is a toner instrument that has total 18 strings. Made with hardwood, the sturdy wood blocks create three faces where the strings line up. Three faces are positioned in space to fit the comfortable posture of both hands. left hand lies on the two faces created with long strings and the right hand lies on the other face. 


Joy is a toner instrument and has other elements that can be used as percussion. On the board, the Kalimba and the wood dowels are all in a parabolic curve that one can follow the track with wood stick to make a continuous sound by wide opening one’s arm. The prototyping process of JOY was a number of trials studying materials of woods and metal. Especially figuring out the tension and the bridge to make the acute tone were the major tasks. The final design is fabricated with steel, plywood, leather and glass. 


Inspiration was from the Chandelier and the clear sound of glass. The sound that TWO and JOY were missing to play our song was a clear-long sound. This derived us to build a structure of hanging the glass and a doughnut shape plate surrounding the glass. The distance between the glass and the plate was carefully decided after several trials to get the right sound.  

Song list Feat by Sisi Hong, Minsun Kim
Ode to Joy
Lavender’s blue
Life is like a chess game (人生如棋)

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Exhibit on Sound & Vision in Design Pavilion, NYCxDesign 2019 

Times Square Design Pavilion for Design Week May 10 – 22


© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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