Brand&Market research, sketch, prototyping

A Set of decorative porcelain pieces inspired by seashells designed for Vista Alegre. The set includes a center vase, bud vase, and candy box. 

Designed in 2019

A selection of three objects in different forms but shares visual language.

Brand Research

Vista Allegre is a high-end brand producing luxurious porcelain products. The design requirement was to fit in Vista Alegre’s brand identity. Vista Alegre has a wide range of products that have various looks. Through brand research, a group of products were defined to have an elegant and delicate look with fine detail. Their simple but natural form and organic texture make them suitable for modern home decoration. ‘Seashell Decorative Collection’ is designed to fall into this group.


The collection has to be in simple and modern style targeting the younger generation. Product concept should be strong and easily adaptable to be applied in versatile items. Also the form can not be over complicated for mass-manufacturing reasons.

Concept inspired by seashell forms, and designed to match Vista Alegre’s brand identity, market needs, and manufacturing requirements.


Technical drawing

© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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