World of wearable art competition 2018

by O2DESIGN (Sisi Hong & Minsun Kim)


We are entering an era where the digital world is merging with the real world. People’s experience will not be limited by the physical environment. This is a vision of a world, where virtual capsules floating around containing unlimited resources. Our goal was to visualize the data popping out from the human body and creating a space around oneself. To show the data actively changing like a living creature, different layers of pieces were added. Different layers mean hierarchies such as time difference or relevance of the data.


Icosahedron is one of the platonic solid which is composed of 20 faces. It is composed with triangles, which are the basic geometric shape made with the minimum vertices. Also it symbolizes water. We found a connection of water and data since they are both fluctuating and needs container to store. Therefore we have chosen Icosahedron to show the accurate, and active nature of digital space. 


When the person approach and touch the capsule, all the contents will be ‘transferred’ to the person. The form of the data that we transfer, save, receive will be broaden to abstract concepts such as mind, feeling, intelligence, or experience. The receiver can have the identical feeling of the saved experience or even possess the intelligence.

© Created by Minsun Kim. 2020

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